It's been over a year since we heard about Owen Pallett naming his new album, In Conflict, and its title, it has been production limbo, hopefully seeing the light of day in 2014. While he has starting tweeting again, after declaring a self-mandated bane from the site until the new album's completion, small tidbits have been slowly been revealed.

While it's have mixing revisions, openly gay Pallett stated that the album will largely discuss his sexuality:

"For the first time, I tried to write a record that was not metaphorical or fantasy-land hippie-dippy stuff, to mine my own autobiographical treasures, as bare as that cupboard is," he revealed in his interview with The Grid TO. "And in doing so, I recognized there were a lot of anti-essentialist qualities to my own state of being -- like a simultaneous acceptance of my masculinity and also revulsion to that masculinity. It's not like it's my gender-identity-disorder record, because I don't have gender-identity disorder -- but it's very much a rejection-of-gender-norms kind of record."

In Conflict will follow the release of Pallett's new orchestral score for Unearth, a ballet choreographed by Robert Binet.

You can listen to the live version of 'In Conflict' below. [via Exclaim]

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