If Peter Serafinowicz isn't your favourite comedian, perhaps you're not sure who he is. He played Dwayne Benzie in Spaced. He co-writes comedy like 'Look Around You' and acts in shows like 'I'm Alan Partridge', as well as writing his own sketch shows with characters like Brian Butterfield in it. He is deadly seriously hilarious and if you haven't heard of him, do yourselves a favour and look him up now.

His impressions are also usually bang-on too, which is why his take on Morrissey, Simon Cowell and Paul McCartney have gained him a cult following. He's taken his Morrissey impression to a new level today though, after uploading a video of him singing the entire first page of The Smiths' frontman's much-talked-about autobiography.

We think it adds a certain poignancy to Mozza's words.

Take a look below. Below that check his first Morrissey outing in a comedy clip billed as the "official unofficial Stone Roses comeback documentary".