Late last month, Margaret Chardiet, better known as Pharmakon, gave a limited teaser of her forthcoming Bestial Burden LP. The proper follow-up to last year's celebrated Abandon, Bestial Burden is specifically about Chardiet's recent hospital spell.

She illuminated the details in a recent interview with Pitchfork, saying, "The record is about the disconnect between mind and body, and when I was bedridden for three weeks after my surgery, my mind was in Europe, on tour, doing my music, because that’s where I was supposed to be. It took a while for my brain to catch up to the reality of what my body was doing. It created this separation between the two that resulted in me feeling almost as though the body had this separate will from my own—just this vessel I was stuck inside of."

After revealing the teaser (available below) and upcoming tour dates alongside the legendary Swans, Phamakon unleashed the supremely heady and manic 'Body Betrays Itself'. Those familiar with Abandon will note the track's drone-fury aesthetic, finding Chardiet menacing between the track's apocalyptic production.

Stream 'Body Betrays Itself' below to get a better look at the upcoming Bestial Burden, coming October 14th on Sacred Bones. Pre-orders are available now.