There's been an overwhelmingly positive response from all sectors of the music community (YOU) since news of the fire at the SonyDADC warehouse broke, which acts as a physical distribution for PIAS.

The impact of this on independent labels is a deep concern for many, and here's hoping that all the good vibes that have been evident in the last couple of days materialises into no labels going under. Big or small, 4AD or Brownswood. We like all these record companies thank you.

Such was the scope of affected labels, choosing this Spotify playlist has been something or a brilliant headache. So what we're asking you to do is to add a song or two from your favourite artist affected by the fire. Hopefully we can put together something that nudges you into purchasing some music.

The ideal situation would be that you head to your local independent record store to buy any PIAS related records, that way you're helping the record stores too. Failing that you can buy directly through Spotify, or head to Nialler9 who have a comprehensive list of buy links for all the labels involved.

So open the Spotify Playlist here and add away!