Today we have an incredible mix from xxyyxx (Marcel Everett), which we don't want to ruin with a boring intro. Just read the mix description, press the play button and then click here to head to his Soundcloud account.


Here are 12 tracks that have pretty much opened my eyes to experimenting with my own sound. It's all very inspiring and some were even "game-changing" for me in a sense. I found AGES through a mix hosted by, one of my favorite sites on earth, everything about this song is crazy. I really dig the atmosphere and the vocal sampling here and who can resist that intro and outro. TINTCURE is someone I found on MTHRFNKR recently and we ended up getting in contact with eachother not long ago. He samples Usher so smoothly in this track it was almost intimidating to hear and don't get me started on the drums in this track. ARAE and I are soundcloud buddies actually, he's a very chill dude producing very in depth music. The vocal sample and percussion in this track are spot on in my opinion. This whole album is spot on to be frank, it has this moody and dark atmosphere all while mixing elements of post-dubstep and hip-hop. I highly recommend picking up his album 'The Longest Night'. SYNKRO and PHANES I both found through discogs while searching for a new record, PHANES seems to have more of a minimalist built but both tracks seem simple yet incredibly entrancingly moving and grooving.

BURIAL and IFAN DAFYDD do a really good job at emphasizing the importance of emotion in electronic music. BURIAL has more of a mysterious and dark vibe going on, especially in the melancholic tune 'Untrue', but IFAN DAFYDD has a very emotive twist to his track 'Treehouse' that the vocal melodies strike me as something as soulful as gospel. I admire any electronic musician who can emphasize emotion as it is a very difficult task. SEPALCURE and FYBE:ONE really out-do themselves with these two tracks here. Honestly, the production on these are so crisp and mix so well with the blissful vocals just chirping and humming in the mix throughout the songs. Two excellent producers simply producing prime and excellent music, without a doubt.

My favorite synths on this mix come from the tracks produced by LAPALUX and B-JU. Soundcloud showed me these beauties a while back, after hearing LAPALUX's remix of 'You Know You Like It' I became hooked on his tracks. Besides the flawless production on these tracks, they do a good job at creating a mood. B-JU's track is probably one of the most fun and joyous tracks I've heard in a while to be honest, LAPALUX's 'Moments' has a great vocalist featured who goes by 'PY', her vocals pretty much start off with one of the most R&B-esque melodies I've heard in quite a bit. At points PY's vocals just turn the track from ultra-smooth to just down-right sexy, definitely a hit. Lastly, DUCT's track "And In The End There's Always..." was found on my friend Tammy's (tammyszu) YouTube account (recommend this channel) and it immediately blew me away within the first minute. The vocals are swarming around my head and then at the one minute mark, a change in progression occurs. The song turns into this beautiful work of art in which the most soulful voice I've ever heard begins chanting and singing a very mysterious melody that will never get out of my head. The whole song has this woman so incredibly soulfully over the most gorgeously produced synths and drums and honestly I can not get enough of this guy's work. All in all, these are some of my favorite tracks as of late. They've helped me get through a lot of musical and emotional patches and I have absolutely nothing but respect for all of these wonderfully talented producers.


  • 1. AGES - Failures
  • 2. TINTCURE - You'll Learn
  • 3. ARAE - Witching Hour
  • 4. SYNKRO - Relapse
  • 5. BURIAL - Untrue
  • 6. SEPALCURE - Fleur
  • 7. FYBE:ONE - Irenidae
  • 8. PHANES - Lucky Woman
  • 9. LAPALUX (feat. Py) - Moments
  • 10. B-JU - Vector Love
  • 11. IFAN DAFYDD - Treehouse (demo)
  • 12. DUCT - And In The End There's Always...