The latest artist to take part in our Plastic Platform mix series is Qrion - a 20-year-old producer from Sapporo, Japan who we know very little about (a recurring theme, it seems).

Biographical information is ultimately pointless though, especially once you let this mix take you in. It's comforting, but overwhelming; warm, but incredibly isolating. It'll make you cry dance (picture us swaying in tears), and it'll hit you in the heart faster than the Hokkaido Shinkansen could ever dream of. 10 tracks, 40ish minutes and an ridiculous amount of vibes. We hope our 79th Plastic Platform mix makes you feel alive.

You can visit Qrion by heading here. We recommend checking out her collaboration with Ryan Hesmworth, 'Every Square Inch'.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Qrion - 'mizu' (i am robot and proud remix)
  • 2. Voyager - 'Let’s Go(away)'
  • 3. MMOTHS - 'THNX'
  • 4. Magical Mistakes - 'Your Face Reflected' (Go Yama remix)
  • 5. Frederic Robinson - 'Mixed Signals'
  • 6. Qrion - 'end of summer'
  • 7. Kaskade - 'Atmosphere' (Kaskade Redux Edit)
  • 8. Asura - 'I Saw You In Vice' (Original mix)
  • 9. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - 'american dream part ii'
  • 10. Greymatter - 'Pick And Roll'