What a way to start the new year.

ATP have confirmed that Portishead and Interpol will headline ATP Iceland 2014.

"Portishead have a rich history and close relationship with us, which started with them curating ATP back in 2007 after a long live-hiatus and being the first ever curators for the I'll Be Your Mirror series," says ATP founder Barry Hogan. "Interpol on the other hand, while being long-time ATP favourites, have never played the event, and it’s an exciting prospect that the eagerly awaited second Icelandic ATP will be their first."

Portishead will headline the event on July 11th and Interpol on July 12th. They'll be joined by Sóley, For a Minor Reflection, Samaris, Low Roar, and Mammút.

The event takes place 10-12th July at Ásbrú (former NATO base) in Keflavík. It will be preceded by a takeover week of events starting on July 7th in Reykjavík. For more information, and to buy tickets, head here.