You've all seen tour diaries before, right? A few beer-soaked photos and some anecdotes about how the band shared a pizza with the soundman before getting into a fight with a local. Yeah, great, but have you ever seen a 'Postcard Tour Diary'?

It's simple really. As a band heads into a new town they must immediately make their way to the nearest newsagency/tourist-centric shop to purchase a postcard. They then write their thoughts on the back of the postcard and send it over to us via 'the cloud'. Great, right?

First up is Post War Glamour Girls, who have done a fantastic job. They're even giving away a bunch of prizes (including the postcards) to one lucky person. To enter, just send a picture of the best postcard you can find on the internet to and we'll pick someone at random.

Below you'll find a gallery of all the postcards, which we thoroughly recommend you view in fullscreen mode. We've also selected five our favourites from the collection (below the player).

Post War Glamour Girls plat The Library in Leeds on Monday 24th June in support of their new single, 'Lightbulb', which happens to be the second single from their forthcoming debut album. They then make their way to London to play Birthdays. For more information head here.