London duo Rainer have announced their debut album Water. It's due out 18th May via Kissability / Algebra.

One half of the pair, Rebekah Raa, said of the album, "I write about love mainly, and the bizarre mixture of emotions that inevitably comes with falling in, being in or falling out of love. Writing is like a therapy through which I realise why I feel the way I do. Some of the songs have an uplifting message in them which is usually the point of realisation that I got to through writing."

The other half of Rainer, Nic Nell, added: "We wanted to make something big but also intimate that takes you on a bit of a journey through its own world."

They've also shared a track from the album called 'Nocturn', a glacial exercise in minimalist electronica decorated with fizzing synth and aching vocals. Listen below, and check the tracklist for Water at the end of this post.

• We gave Rainer a disposable camera and they took some photos – check 'em out.

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  • Water tracklist:
  • 1. Water
  • 2. Nocturn
  • 3. Dear
  • 4. Trouble
  • 5. Melt
  • 6. Skin
  • 7. Leave
  • 8. Laws
  • 9. Marry
  • 10. Raven