For our latest Record Shopping feature, Carl Osbourn spent some time the mysterious Elohim as she made her way to Rough Trade East for some rack-digging. In terms of taste, there's no faulting her.

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Record Shopping with Elohim Record Shopping with Elohim

Björk - Debut

What an inspirational artist. Such a unique sound. It doesn't even matter what record, she always manages to take you to another world.

Record Shopping with Elohim

Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid Maad City

The songs and production on this album are insane. So incredibly inspiring. I think this is one of the first rap records I genuinely fell in love with.

Record Shopping with Elohim

Billie Holiday

There is no one like her. There is so much pain in her lyrics, yet she sounds so beautifully pleasant and calming. Her voice is like no one else. I admire, and love, and am inspired by unique voices.

Record Shopping with Elohim

The Cure: The Head On The Door

Amazing songs. Amazing record. Amazing voice.

Record Shopping with Elohim

Radiohead: Kid A

Radiohead is a band that consistently puts out full bodies of work that always impress and excite me. Kid A is the most special one to me. Something about the way it sounds. There is nothing like it. It never fails to move me. There is always a new sound to be discovered.

Record Shopping with Elohim

Pink Floyd : The Wall

I grew up with Pink Floyd always playing around me. Filling my ears. 'Another Brick in The Wall' is incredible. Life changing. This record is so beautiful. It reminds me of my Mom. Not to mention their artwork is revolutionary.

Record Shopping with Elohim

Thelonious Monk

One of my favorite records to listen to when I'm at home. Soothing music for the soul.

Record Shopping with Elohim