Maybe Ryan DeRobertis, aka Saint Pepsi, had a crush on Fiona Coyne at some point. I mean, he's named his latest song after her, which also features a sample of her speaking (presumably), and in which he, quite possibly, sings about her. Hang on – singing? Saint Pepsi, singing?

For those who don't know, Fiona Coyne is a fictional character from Canadian drama franchise, Degrassi, and she does kinda have "emerald eyes" – something St. Pep refers to in the song. Also, yes, Saint Pepsi sings! Most of his oeuvre, attached to the genreless genre vaporwave, features no singing from the man himself, but plenty of samples of other people singing. So this is a huge thing. Like, it's a big deal. It's a big deal to see someone who was essentially a bedroom producer, based almost entirely URL, rising up out of anonymity, doing real-life shows, and – right now – making music à la his latest: 'Fiona Coyne'.

It's pure, perfect pop. Bass, with as much metallic rattle as putty-smoothness, funks this track up, accompanied by stark and catchy guitar chords and a brass section that lends a golden sheen to the choruses. And then there are the vocals, sung with an honest Long Island pop-punk lilt. If this does not get in your head, or make you move – even a little bit – then, well, I feel sorry for ya.

This is the A-side off Saint Pepsi's debut with the awesome Carpark Records, the 'Fiona Coyne'/'Fall Harder' 7". You might wanna buy a record player just to own this shit, seriously.