Viega Sanchez is already a pretty great popstar name but 22-year-old Sanchez has chosen to call herself Salt Ashes instead, which is still pretty badass really. Her debut single, 'Somebody', felt like something created by a Giorgio Moroder from a much darker, more brooding universe with a dash of Kylie Minogue esque vocals and was a very, very strong introduction.

The b-side to 'Somebody', out February 17, 'Little Dove' is a world away from the lead single. 'Little Dove' knocks things down to a much slower, more relaxed pace, Sanchez's vocals swooning and crooning through the dingy bass lines and dark, ominous synths. A Scandi-pop influenced brooder, it definitely doesn't have the dancefloor appeal of 'Somebody' but it's addictive as well and proof enough that the b-side is not where you just chuck any old rubbish.

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