Seattle hip hop duo Palaceer Lazaro and Tendai “Baba” Maraire, aka Shabazz Palaces released an album from their side project Chimurenga Renaissance last year. Today they've announced that Shabazz will be returning in 2014 with a brand new album titled Lese Majesty. You'll be able to pick it up on 29 June through Sub Pop Records.

If you were one of the lucky individuals to be at the album's premiere in Seattle at the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome you've already heard the new album that The Stranger praised, calling it "the future of hip hop", continuing on to say "There was no need for drugs, or even the dazzling light show, since the music’s fathoms-deep dubscapes and strategically predatory beats equaled the angular and smoky psychedelic visuals—each track already dazzled by a universe of deep-space stars, clouds of galactic gases, and the bright trails of wandering balls of ice.”

The duo detailed the record last year in an interview with Hypetrak, giving a pretty vague look into what it will sound like: “I don’t know. I doubt that it will sound much like it. It will probably sound… I don’t know. We’ve left that. That [last album] is kind of far behind us now. There will be some similarities I guess, because we are who are. Other than that, it’s not gonna sound much like it at all.”

Check out the tracklisting and stream of 'They Come In Gold', below.

  • 01. Dawn In Luxor
  • 02. Forerunner Foray
  • 03. They Come In Gold
  • 04. Solemn Swears
  • 05. Harem Aria
  • 06. Noetic Noiromantics
  • 07. The Ballad Of Lt. Major Winnings
  • 08. Soundview
  • 09. Ishmael
  • 10. …down 155th in the MCM Snorkel
  • 11. Divine of Form
  • 12. #CAKE
  • 13. Colluding Oligarchs
  • 14. Suspicion of a Shape
  • 15. MindGlitch Keytar TM Theme
  • 16. Motion Sickness
  • 17. New Black Wave
  • 18. Sonic MythMap for the Trip Back