There's a lyric in one of my favourite songs by The Crocketts that says "The world's a pretty place from on top of your high horse" and to a certain extent, I think my role as a writer is to sit proudly upon a high horse. Without being too smug about it obviously.* Mostly I think my role is just to be honest about music. To document how I respond to it in a way that inspires empathy from you. If I was halfway successful, I'd reshape the way that your synapses map your brain, to make you appreciate a piece of music more than you did before my words disturbed your perfect perception. To help you see things in a context you hadn't considered or highlight something you had missed. I would rather aim for that level of empathy and miss entirely than just list a bunch of facts you can find on wikipedia. Regardless of any of that. There is less bile this week. Just some music for you to dwell on. I welcome your opinions, so please use the comments section to tell me what you like or don't like. I'll happily listen to any suggestions for this column. "The world is run by those that turn up" my lecturer used to say. The unnervingly honest bastard that he was.

*A lot of writers seem to value the sound of their voice more than the voice of others. Which is obviously why they stand at the back of gigs talking through the bands they 'love'. This is obviously pretty outdated viewpoint. Back in the day, aside from chatting with your bro's, you could really only write to a publication to express your discontent. These days you can not only give the writer direct feedback across social networks you can, if you so wish, set up your own publication really easily. Give yourself the platform you think your voice deserves. There is nothing stopping you. Just be honest. That's all you can be.


Deerhunter - Monomania [Single of the Week]

Not even sure that this is a single if I'm honest with you. I am completely obsessed with this song though. I guess that if the singles chart is accepting 'instant gratuity tracks' then I have no excuse not to, that's justification enough right? Anyway. Enough of that. Deerhunter are one of my favourite bands.

That's a full stop there by the way. It's not a '...of the last few years' or an ' the moment'. As is the subtle disclaimer that sneaks into a lot of praise allowing constant hyperbole. 'Oh they're totally my favourite band of the last three years, well, my favourite guitar band of the last three years. Well, my favourite east coast slacker guitar band at least, in the last three years'.

None of that.

Deerhunter are one of my favourite bands. The way this song slowly descends into blissful noise exemplifies everything I love about them. It sounds so urgent and free and natural that I could, and actually have, listened to this song on repeat for hours. In my quieter moments I have found my brain screaming 'MONO MONO MANIA' like it's an all important mantra. Like my life depended on it. If I was stranded on a desert island for months and months, I just know that I would end up painting faces onto coconut shells so that I had an entire tribe to chant along with me "MONO MONO MANIA." That would be totally ok with me. "MONO MON MANIA." We'd do alright together y'know. "MONO MONO MANIA, MONO MONO MANI-UHH." We'd survive, we'd own the island "MONO MONO MANIA." I'd drain the milk from their skulls one by one. "MONO MONO MANIA, MONO MONO MANI-UHH." They'd never take me back alive. "MONO MONO MANIA."


Woman's Hour - To the End

I could list all of the bands that this sounds like but what would be the point. Everyone is inspired by something. Music always moves in cycles. When something breaks out of nowhere and does really well, there will always be a bunch of bands that follow on in the same direction. Every genre has pioneers, copycats and revivalists. That's fine. The important thing is that you retain (or retrain) your own judgement. Something isn't good because it sounds like something else or someone else says that it is ok to like it. It's good because you think it is good. I happen to quite like this song for what it's worth. Even if it does sound like a bunch of other songs.

Death Rattle - White Ropes

You can hear the influences on this one too but it's not a bad thing. This is three or four worlds away from the bands previous incarnation 'Los' who were a three piece guitar band that had that special something. Instead, this is a slow burning electro mood piece. I like it. I think I like the previous Death Rattle song 'The Blows' more, if only because it was anthemic in a way that doesn't make me want to punch a member of kasabian. Which is excellent. The word 'anthemic' needs to be reclaimed from these ladrock idiots. Imagine punching a member of Kasabian. How many of them are there? Five? How would you choose between them? My brain is literally pulsing right now. How could we make them form an orderly queue? Something to ponder. That little tangent aside, Death Rattle are definitely worth keeping an eye on. I'm looking forward to hearing what they do next.

Funeral For A Friend - Nails

Well this song/video is as subtle as a hacksaw to your throat. I can't decide if it is massively depressing or not. "I'm never going to change." Yeah buddy. The whole world is queuing up to throw shit at you. Yeah buddy. It's a tough world. You haven't changed much in ten years and everyone is against you now. Yeah. You used to have something. Yeah. Kerrang had you on the cover and everything. You were destined for the stars and now the kids are crying over the next generation of bands that don't have your big solid stones. Yeah buddy. I feel it. Still. Nice little riff there anyway pal. You're not completely pissing on your own grave like so many of your peers. Still. Wouldn't begrudge it if you changed just a wee bit. y'know? Sometimes a little change is alright y'know?

Flutes - Kilburn

Yo FYI this video is NSFW, or NSF before dinner, or NS if you are thinking of trying to unhook your girls bra all sexy like anytime soon.

It does do what a music video should do though. I appreciate the song a lot more having watched it. Uncomfortable as it is. The lyrics are more poignant now. The music has more power. A few choice scenes make all the difference. Emotional attachment and all that. My first listen without the video didn't offer me that pleasure, but now I'm suckered in. It's a good job that the music does actually justify such a resonance. Maybe I'm blinded by the video but it seems more than just Meursault/Three Blind Wolves revisited. Time will tell. I hope I'm right.

Olympians - Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams

If this is the first time you have heard this song I want you to listen to it again. There is more to be had here than you first thought. Here is a band that have taken their influences and created something completely original, self aware, and well thought out. I'm not going to dull it down describing its intricacies with any more of my tedious words. It'd be like describing how the magic trick was done when everyone would rather just stare at the dove flying free in the sky.

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