Following the announcement that the Terry Richardson-directed video for Lady Gaga and R Kelly's 'Do What U Want' had been scrapped, Sky Ferreira has come to the defence of the photographer in a Facebook note.

Allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment have plagued the photographer but Ferreira claims that, during her time working with him, she was never forced to do anything against her will: "I would like to say... from my OWN personal experience: I have never been forced or manipulated into anything.' She references the making of her video for 'Red Lips,' which she worked on with Richardson, stating that she had '99% of creative control."

Ferreira reproaches "the media and the fucking peanut gallery/trolls on the internet" who fabricate personas for celebrities, something she experienced after being branded a drug addict following an arrest last autumn.

In the end, Ferreira angrily calls out those who try to connect the rise of her career with the actions allegedly carried out by Richardson: "Basically if one more person has the nerve to ask/tell me that I've fucked Terry Richardson, I will slit their fucking throat. People fail to mention the 8,000 men he's also shot." She goes on to say, "to discredit me because I'm friends of someone or my music videos/photos make you feel certain way is YOUR problem."

Read Sky Ferreira's full post here.