I love SoundCloud – I don't believe there's better all-round community-based streaming service and artist support system out there right now. Sony, however, seems to have a differing opinion.

They have begun pulling "their" (their artists') tracks from SoundCloud, removing morsels from the likes of Miguel, Passion Pit, Adele and Hozier, citing what they deem "a lack of monetization opportunities." For Sony, it's not about the exposure, the interactions, the sharing – it is, of course, for ever and always, about the money.

Historically, things haven't been great between SoundCloud and major labels, indeed last summer it offered out equity and shares in future profits in an attempt to patch things up.

SoundCloud is a very open platform, making it difficult to broker some sort of cooperation with majors – though last year they did sign some sort of convoluted deal with Warner Music Group.

Due to the openness and freedom of SoundCloud, you do wonder if it just isn't the place for major labels. However, due to a current air of complacency around corporate elbow-digging and shin-kicking when it comes exerting their greed on universally beneficial music-related services, I feel that SoundCloud won't be as wonderfully innocent for as long as I hope it will. On the other hand, you know, we owe these labels nothing. Why not just block them from SoundCloud? The concept of an entire site shouldn't have to change because of them.