This year, on Black Friday, which is something I cannot truly get to grips with in my mind (the day after Thanksgiving – another puzzle for me) – and in association with Record Store Day (again: ???) – St. Vincent will be releasing two new songs. Well, hurrah and huzzah.

These tracks are called 'Pieta' and 'Sparrow' and are not "new" but rather not-heard-yet, conceived and produced not necessarily for but at the same time as all the other songs that comprised the recent album, St. Vincent. They'll be released on a 10" masterminded by designer and creative director, Willo Perron, with die-cut, foil-embossed packaging. Classy.

This arrives as one in an avalanche of announcements for releases on Black Friday, including one by Wu Tang Clan.

Oh and here, lookie-look what I found. What is this track? It's called 'Pieta', which seems legit, but on hearing it I can't be sure. The quality isn't that great (is it live?) and I have no idea who this person is who's uploaded it. Anyway, let's speculate and listen.