Noise-rock duo Stagnant Pools will be making their return in 2014 with their new album Geist, out 10 June via Polyvinyl Records. Geist is their follow-up to 2012's Temporary Room, which they spent much of the last two years touring off of before beginning to record at their parents house last fall in Bloomington, Indiana. It was a stop-and-go recording process, with the band saying “inspiration came in bursts — sometimes five demos would be recorded in an afternoon, sometimes months would pass without playing a note.” After their time in Indiana they made their way to Chicago to record the studio of Hum frontman Matt Talbot where they recorded the entire album in four short days.

The brothers Bryan and Douglass Enas say that on Geist, they “refine and expand on a shoegaze-meets-noise pop sound that has previously drawn comparisons to Joy Divison, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.” The first cut from that forthcoming album is titled 'Intentions', and you can stream it below. It's pretty clear from the start that the pair have gotten much noisier than they were previously, but they've also added some brooding intensity in the form of Bryan's deep vocals. Check out the tracklisting and 'Intentions' below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. You Whir
  • 02. To Begin
  • 03. Geist
  • 04. Intentions
  • 05. Filled Down
  • 06. Ever So
  • 07. His Head Was Warm
  • 08. Dots And Lines
  • 09. Decorder
  • 10. Brute