The 405 caught up with Something in Construction (SIC) to discuss why pop is so hard to get right and why Escapist Pop is the real deal.

Who we are:

Something In Construction is supposed to be a kinda sorta Escapist Pop label. Albeit our slightly warped version of pop. Weird, interesting, smart, psychedelic and beautiful music with catchy tunes is what we are trying to bring you. We are not cold to the idea of keeping it real but, really, FUCK THE REAL. Artifice is our art. Escapism is our ticket to ride. Pretension and ambition were separated at birth by some philistine jobsworth and we want to reunite them, In Rainbows.

Why I got into ESCAPIST POP and music in general:

I think it's a calling, an evangelism, an obsession. It's ART and that's everything really, isn't it..? Everything except love, anyway. Music, Sleeves, Amazing Performances are all art. Beautiful things draw you in and yet are impossible to define. The rules of attraction. Why does your favourite band's new single leave you disappointed and something else, by someone that you definitely definitely dislike, take up residence in your head? Did you let it in? Did you meet it halfway; leave the key under the mat? Do you mind? This is the puzzle. These are the questions that pull me back in every day. I wanted to get some pop of my own, fill its head full of ideas, send it out in the world and see what it looks like when it comes home. To see (OK, to hear) what it can be.

What impresses me about ESCAPIST POP:

I just love seeing how you far can push pop music in any direction. It can be anything it wants to be; clever or dumb, thrillingly simple or intricately ornate, Kelis or Julia Holter. The hardest thing is to explain why a band's perfectly adequately constructed tune is just… boring. And the easiest thing is be so experimental that you are adrift up your own arse. But the best thing, the very best thing, is to take your hooks and sling them just exactly the right distance into the weird, at exactly the right angle to the new. The pinpoint the lift, the chord change or the unexpected sneakers-on-basketball court percussion.

Pop is the hardest thing to get right. I want to find it underground, take it overground, take it home to bed. I want to hear it on your radio.

Where I find my inspiration:

The good thing about an obsession is it's all you ever talk about and the good thing about music is it's filled with other obsessives, who love to talk, to blog, to DJ, to promote. So all you have to do is to talk and to listen and keep listening and it doesn't take that long before you'll find that… something that makes you stop and takes you off somewhere… better. That's the great thing about now, music is everywhere. I can sit alone in a field and hear a hundred new songs.

What I'm currently listening to:

Metz's new s/t album on Sub Pop is a fizzing, sparking testament to youth, motivation and ENTHUSIASM. Levek's lush and beautiful new album on Lefse, Look A Little Closer is an ornate mix of gentle 60s psych with modern pin point production. Dexys' and Jack White's new albums shows there's life, lust and so much swagger in the old dog yet. Joey Bada$$ is 16 (sixfuckingteen) and shaming most of the last decade's hip hop. Vex Ruffin on Stone's Throw is making rap swallow the bitterest PiL. And Liars, Loney Dear, Lone, Lindstrom and The Leisure Society's continuing prolific and inspired output is deserving of all our Love.

Ones to watch:

The new Memory Tapes album is going to blow your minds. It's his StationToStation. Philco Fiction are going to take pop music and your hearts next year. Holy Strays' cavernous, gospel, dub-inflected symphonies are already blowing my mind and he's only just started. Dreamtrak's party blend of disco and house and pop songs is absolutely unstoppable. His debut is in the New Year. ANR's new album is going to marry TV On The Radio, Prince and Radiohead together on the beach and it has a point to make too. And Leverage Models debut album is going to drag 1982 kicking, screaming and glistening into 2013. … Should all be something to shout/sing/dance/ about.