Ch-ch-ch-change. Change. Change! What is this madness? It is Sup by PC Music henchman, Lil Data. Released as a free, um, EP I guess, it is almost 10 minutes of music made up of four kind of mixed together tracks, whose ends are the beginnings and whose starts are the finishings of each other. I think it's called "mixing".

'Change' is a neon jumble of music box sounds played in helicopter arpeggios and chipmunk vocals, a squiddly-diddly beat bouncing beneath it all. 'Wondercoin (Part 1)' begins as a keyboard fuck-around and continues as such, until a larger beat pops its head out from the noodle curtains of synth that covered it. Its second part, 'Wondercoin (Part 2)' is much more legible, and is more like a continuation from the end of the first part. Sharp synths hook you by the eyelid here, virtuosic and supersonic in amongst chattering bleeps and marching drums. Here and there, gorgeously textured chords shine out with impossible lustre, glistening in the rivers of sound.

'Temple' is my favourite. A happy-hardcore-aping track that invests heavily in beepy synth vox, and whose quieter parts chart the perhaps actual emptiness of a temple, mangled vocal samples chewing up the lyrics "Slam your body down and wind it all around" lifted, of course, from Spice Girls' legendary 'Wannabe'. I like the cold club feel of this one. Nobody cares if you're falling on the floor because of too much drink or too many drugs, this song is too much.

The unique Sup, in its brevity and title, is Lil Data's "sup" to the world. Sup back man, how r u? But on a side note: are some PC Music releases made by the same person? I wonder this on a fortnightly or maybe tri-weekly basis. It's not unlikely but then again it might not be the case.

This is the latest in a bunch of free music from PC Music. (Meaning, yes, download Sup by Lil Data for free).

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