We're literally honoured to be premiering the stream of this wonderful album. It's from new super-duo, Andras & Oscar, i.e. Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung, a pairing of mega-chill production and soulful lounge-like vocals, the latter of which has been lent out to producers in the past, namely Charles Murdoch for his incredible song 'Dekire'.

Let's talk about the album instead. It's a medley of tropical beats and lush percussion, music painted with romance and late-night longing, a kind of futuro-lounge R&B that leans almost horizontally towards the chill end of whatever spectrum you want to imagine. Or maybe it's more house, with the album's title, Café Romantica instantly making me think of the type of music released by and played in the legendary Café del Mar.

Despite the similarity between tracks, in that it could be a seamless set from this imaginary Café Romantica (wherever it is, I wanna fucking go), they differ in their moods. The sparse 'Make It Better' features vocals that croon with an endearing naturalistic lilt, a slower rhythm, buzzing hints of synth and glassy electronic piano sounds. Similarly, album closer 'Rules Of Love' is a fragmented house song that plays a bedtime farewell with exotica flutes and occasional vocals; it begins with a gorgeous realism, grey noise fuzz and crackles surround biochemical thud kicks that seem to be breathing as much as keeping time.

It's that realism, the true organic analogue funk that you can hear in the dusty strings, pattering percussion and bass bulges in 'Tutorials' (the second of two instrumentals), the deep groove of 'Everytime I Go', its echoing, harmonised vocals and its incredibly jazzy organ solo, the beachside chords of 'Looking Back' – it's this that makes this music so enjoyable; it takes you elsewhere. Featuring influences from deep house, jazz, lounge, exotica, pop, this is dance music played with live band energy, living-and-breathing-human force – every touch is loving, thought out, and dressed all over in an unquestionably fresh yet vintage feel.

This album does not just get listened to, it possesses you with its music, caresses your brain with smooth, soothing sounds, and post-listen, sends you sailing out to wherever you may be going feeling healed, better, and with its songs playing on your mind with the blissful languor of a sex dream half-remembered.

Café Romantica is out on Melbourne-based Chapter Music – as well as cool Dutch label Dopeness Galore (who are selling the 12" of this lovely album) – out this coming Friday, 17th October.

Oh and if you're around, Andras will be DJing the following European dates:
Oct 17 - Stockholm - Under Bron
Oct 18 - Zurich - Kasheme