'Central and Mountain' is our track of the day because it's effing cool. Simple as. But what is 'Central and Mountain'? Who is Jacob 2-2?

Well, he's a producer from Brooklyn who makes greatly nuanced hip-hop flavoured music. Some of it can sound like you're looking back on a childhood version of yourself that never existed, some of it describes the feeling of looking at nice architecture, all of it is evocative in some way.

This track is no different. Wide chords fly over robust bass and the clatter of the beat with its truncated snares and shivering hi-hats. The bassline fragments itself around the 1:40-something mark, as far-off percussion heralds itself with liquid reverb in the background – woodblocks ticking and bamboo chime-sounds tumbling – and by 2:20 we're in another part. Literally like some bird gliding over a mountain, the rhythm changes and huge muscly synth blasts like breaking boulders.

Sparkling golden marimba feels and epic solo synth ornaments throughout, with the ending being a blissful wave of chiller beats and mind-friendly chords. It's as if Jacob 2-2 is remixing the theme or idea he had at the beginning, it basically going through varied iterations throughout, textured and atmospheric, intense and subtle all at the same time.

It comes from his recent The Rec EP, from ultracool Canadian label King Deluxe. Grab it here if you know what's good for yeeeeeeeeeee.

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