Here is a new song from Danny L Harle. You know, he's from ("from", haha) netlabel PC Music, recently remixed a track by Kero Kero Bonito? Classically trained musician and composer, as well as producer of electronic post-pop? No? Whatever, listen to his new track 'In My Dreams'.

It's understated, mainly in the vocals which come from other PC Music person Hannah Diamond (I think, but don't get upset if I'm wrong) – a kind of speaking singing that is endearingly plaintive – but also in the xylophonic strains, the breezy synth blips, the soft complex melodies dotting the piece.

It is also totally not understated: e.g. the plasma blasts of synth that shoot down in syncopated sheets of stabbing brightness; the almost oppressive and hefty silences that dwell in the tiny spaces between said blasts; the fuzz-rumble of the flowing bass; the white noise whooshes. It's obvious and subtle, an exercise in pop structure and dynamics and sound that is as enjoyable on the surface as it is intriguing underneath.

This was part of a free bit of music that PC Music releases once or whatever-many times a week. Best follow them on SoundCloud, probably.

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