No media shots, no appearances on Jools, no set-in-stone release date and "no pre-order, no youtube trailers, no iTunes stream, no spotify, no amazon deal, no charts, no bit coin deal, no last minute rick rubin" according to Keiren Hebden, aka Four Tet, which makes this release very unique and even more kind-of a big deal.

Beautiful Rewind is being distributed and sold in stores today - that's right, a Thursday - and the producer has also very thoughtfully uploaded the whole thing to Soundcloud for the world to preview.

The only major media appearance Four Tet will be making is to support the record with two eight hour DJ sets: One at Fabric this Friday, and the other Live on Rinse FM from 9pm Saturday 5th October until 5am on Sunday 6th October.

Listen to Beautiful Rewind in full below.