After finishing up her relentless touring cycle behind 2012's Devotion, Jessie Ware has finally confirmed her new single 'Tough Love'. It's her first offering from her soon to be announced sophomore record, and it was written by Ware and BenZel, who she worked with a few years ago on their Brownstone cover of 'If You Love Me'. The song is a quiet and soothing track, with Ware's vocals soaring over stunning synth melodies. She explained how the track came to be in a statement, saying:

“I had just finished a run of shows in the States and went to NY to work with BenZel for a couple weeks, mainly as a different focus to touring. I didn’t have any expectations or pressures with what would come out of those two weeks, and think ‘Tough Love’ sums this up. It was me experimenting with my voice and having fun with it. It just felt right and kind of dictated the route of the next album, much like ‘Devotion’ did on my first album”.

Listen to 'Tough Love' below.

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