They've been teasing us for a couple of weeks by releasing track after track from their new remix EP, but finally it's all up for you to enjoy as a whole. After the quiiiite successful Intro Bonito, here is the Bonito Recycling EP. As the title suggests, it's a collection of remixes from a diverse bunch of producers, recycling the already much-loved tracks from the debut.

You'll find two renditions from two associates of the highly divisive but entirely unique netlabel / URL pirate crew, PC Music. One, turning the Mario 64-sampling 'Sick Beat' into a breezy and distorted paradox of pop, comes from Danny L Harle; the other, by brilliantly named Kane West, mutates 'Cat vs. Dog' into a mash of heavy carnivalistic drum machine sounds.

Elsewhere there's a downtempo rave in the form of the hypnotic "Pixel Bounce" remix of 'Pocket Crocodile' by Toby Gale, and an uptempo rave by LA musicmaker, Spazzkid, treating 'Small Town' to his insanely happy breed of busily heartfelt productions, full of plasma blasts of synth.

You're invited to bo en's remix of 'My Party', too, characteristically pockmarked with a bunch of giddy, dynamic changes, sideswiping you each time, the track somersaulting all the way with his genius composition. Last but certainly no means least, London musicmaker et aliae inducts us into her dreamworld, a euphoric wash of sound tinted with hard beats, her remix of 'I'd Rather Sleep'.

What else is there to say? It's fun. Fun remixes from a fun album by fun artists for fun people. I give it 11 out of fun. Now let's eat ice cream & get down.

It's out on Double Denim, same as the album.