Lauren Hillman, aka Kotomi, has unveiled a deliciously addictive new track called 'Sober for the Weekend'. It's part of her plan to release a new song on the first Tuesday of every month this year, which we're massively on board with.

"Justin [Burrow] and I wrote 'Sober for the Weekend' during a period where he was grappling with self-medication and I had to quit drinking for medical reasons, and we were both talking about the pros and cons of what can happen when you dry out for a while," says Hillman says of the track's inspiration. "The alienation, clear-headedness, boredom, and all the polarizing elements on both sides of the line. The song was written and recorded over the course of two short days - we both had enough material on the subject to where the song basically wrote itself."

But where would the track sound best? "Blaring out of some shitty speakers in a dive bar. Or maybe in the wild forests of Planet Zargonius. Everything sounds better there."

You can stream 'Sober for the Weekend' below, a tune that Hillman hopes will lead to people "turning it up loud and playing it on repeat." We're certain it will.