Last I heard from Moon Duo their tracks were pretty long odysseys of space rock fuzz. Now they make a proper return, since their Live in Ravenna EP, with a shorter, sweeter track taken from a new album that they announced yesterday.

Not to say that shorter is better but it's certainly more digestible, more, um, bite-sized. It seems all I compare things to is food. Not to worry though, because food is tasty (most of the time). But in terms of what it actually sounds like, 'Animal' is a quasi-gothic eruption of distorted guitars, piercing synths and the muffled fuzz of bass, straddling your ears and taking them for a joyride, fuelled by its driving hectic beat, right up to that comet we landed on recently, making a few haphazard orbits of the jagged rock and returning to earth. All in two minutes. Phew.

This is taken from new album Shadow of the Sun, which will be arriving 2nd March via Sacred Bones. You can pre-order it on iTunes over here (clicky-click).

Discover: Speaking of space, you know NASA launched their very own SoundCloud page last month, right? No? What are you waiting for?!

  • Shadow of the Sun tracklist:
  • 1. Wilding
  • 2. Night Beat
  • 3. Free The Skull
  • 4. Zero
  • 5. In A Cloud
  • 6. Thieves
  • 7. Slow Down Low
  • 8. Ice
  • 9. Animal