PADDOX formed recently in 2014 around ex-Trophy Wife drummer Kit Monteith. The band have quickly established a tangible and cohesive sound of layered melodic atmosphere in debut album, Aphrodisiaque. They create the type of spacey melancholic soundscapes that would not sound out of place on the Interstellar soundtrack.

The band are also going great lengths to achieve something very special for the vinyl release of their debut record, collaborating with Italian designer Francesco Miniati to create a pressing that will be clad in 3kg's of concrete (see image above). The band members themselves will be cementing each vinyl release with specially designed silicone moulds. You can pre-order a copy of this unique LP for only £20 from their Bandcamp page here. Just be prepared for it to test the strength of your vinyl storage unit.

You can listen to the album below courtesy of PADDOX's Soundcloud. The album is released on December 1st 2014 via Bear on A Bicycle/One Note Forever.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Aphrodisiaque#001
  • 2. Aphrodisiaque#002
  • 3. Aphrodisiaque#003
  • 4. Aphrodisiaque#004
  • 5. Aphrodisiaque#005
  • 6. Aphrodisiaque#006

If that's not all, PADDOX have also been raising eyebrows through their innovative and engaging live performances featuring underwater-singing, cascading ping pong balls, projected images and experimental performance. We've been granted an exclusive 6 minute clip of their live show at Ovada Warehouse Gallery in Oxford for you to feast your eyes on below.

You can catch PADDOX performing Aphrodisiaque live at their album launch party on Saturday 29th November at the Old Fire Station in Oxford. More info and ticket details can be found here.