I was daydreaming when I first started listening to Maryland producer Ricky Eat Acid's brand-new EP, Sun Over Hills – I was promptly woken up when the second track exploded in my face. ''angels'' is stomach-churning stuff – in a good, roller coaster kinda way. Stabs, more like swipes with a blunt instrument, boom with broken glass aesthetics, before acid synths and 16-bit-car-skidding noises take over in an unnerving rumble. It doesn't sound like any angels I know (I don't know any).

Title track 'sun over hills' is a wonderfully ballsy slice of hyperactive uptempo-ness – call it footwork, call it ultra-jungle, whatever – and it stutters with synth and a Chamillionaire sample (from 'Still Tippin' 2') that endlessly stammers "Blowin' on that indo / GameCube Nintendo". In contrast, 'this goes out to…' is a slow jam awash with fizz and aching-clockwork snares, laced with thin moo box melodies and drenched with narcotic haze; likewise, opener 'let's go outside' charts the transition from indoors to outdoors with groggy muffled piano and a clear, beautiful female vocal chopped into arrhythmic loops.

The initial illustration of indecision in the insectoid bustle of 'what do u wanna do today?' seeps into the rest of the track's sunny bliss; synths ping-pong around, tiny guitar echoes, warm chords effuse happiness and the looseness of the percussion evokes true jazz spirit.

"Like a fun nightmare," as described by the artist himself, 'sun over hills' is some crazy shit. I've not heard anything exactly like it – a mix of noise, bass, and beats, you think it'd be dancefloor-destined, but it feels so much more than simply music to move your body to (although you can if you want). It needs listening – when a weird, rare animal comes along, you don't eat it: you study it.

You can download this for free over here.