Manchester five piece The Cape Race are a band of varied influences. One listen to their debut album Home, Truths and there are hints of tons of bands in a multitude of scenes - 'You Should Have Known' recalls an early Taking Back Sunday, 'Collapsing' brings together Interpol and Phoenix, and 'Digging for Gold' is as fragile and visceral as Manchester Orchestra's best work. All of that said, it's an album that could reach out into every corner of the alternative spectrum and find itself with new fans - its anthemic choruses and driving musicianship are among the best of the bunch today.

The album was produced by Peter Miles, who has worked with the likes of The 1975, Dry the River, Canterbury, and Eliza & the Bear. All of that together could easily shoot The Cape Race into stardom, and you can judge by yourself by streaming the album below! If you like what you hear, you can pre-order your copy over at iTunes now before it comes out tomorrow.

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