What is BAM? What is the nature of BAM? Can one eat BAM? To the last question, a firm no. This is because BAM stands for Brooklyn Academy of Music, an institution with a high degree of inedibility.

They put stuff on. It's kind of like the Barbican in the UK I suppose, but more music focused. They have a lot of things going on and one of the things going on involves Sufjan Stevens. Previously, last year in fact, he shared his musical talents with BAM in the form of Planetarium, a modern, electronic, kinda singer-songwriter version of Gustav Holst's The Planets.

This time around you'll find him at the BAM Harvey Theater, live-scoring a documentary about a rodeo filmed in slow-motion called Round-Up, following the 2013 Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon, "One of the ten largest rodeos in the world." Expect a lotta lassoing and bull-riding and things like that. It's a rodeo. What do you expect?

With Sufjan on the electronic side of things and new-music orchestra taking care of percussion and piano, it sounds like it's gonna be pretty interesting. Do you remember that documentary that followed Zinedine Zidane around for an entire game – Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (I just googled it)? Mogwai did the soundtrack to that. In fact, they played that entire soundtrack at the Barbican in Summer 2013. Anyway, I hope Round-Up is kinda like that. More info here.

Here's Mr. Sufjan performing a piece from Planetarium pre-BAM, at the Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam, in 2012.

Remember the ballet he did? Year of the Rabbit?