To celebrate Supersonic Festival, which takes place this weekend (21-23 of October) in Birmingham, we conducted a short Q&A with one of our favourite acts set to grace the Custard Factory stage, Bardo Pond.

Are you looking forward to playing Supersonic?

Hell Yeah! Yes we are very much looking forward to playing Supersonic. Yes we have been aware of it and envious of other bands that have been invited so this is a big deal for us. Very psyched to be asked. We are also are very glad to be coming back to Birmingham. Played first time in your fair city and it was very much fun. Good people in Birmingham. We had quite a time indeed. Except for the cops....


Who are looking forward to seeing at it?

Well, we will only be there one night so that limits us as to who we will be able to see. There is something about each band on the fest that is most excellent and I'm sure will be sick but if we could have our druthers for that night here are some bands we could especially relate to- Alexander Tucker, Part Chimp, Electric Wizard, Tony Conrad, Scorn, Silver Apples, Eternal Tapestry, Astro, The Skull Defekts, White Hills, Barn Owl.


Are there any acts at Supersonic you would consider collaborating with?


We would like to collaborate with Tony Conrad. That would be a dream come true and I think that our sound and his sound would be a nice fit, It could really be a mind fuck. Alexander Tucker is also an artist that would be a good fit for us to collaborate with. He is amazing and that would work very well. Astro would be another possibility. His sonics, the sounds are very very very good and it would be nice to get something happening with him. Also the Skull Defekts.

You have a long career in music, what types of shows do you prefer to play, for instance, are multiple band festivals preferable to touring as the headline band?


We like to play music. For us playing music is a drug and makes us feel about as good as we can feel. Playing in front of people or playing just in our practice space is good. When you play a festival you get to see and be immersed in a lot of great music over a concentrated period of time. You really get to be part of something and that's really nice. When you tour, and as a band get to play consecutive nights over time...It pushes the band /music/ can go places, it becomes very fluid so there's something great about that as well. We like to jam anytime we can.


This is your 20th year as a band, did you ever think it would last this long?


Well it's a funny question. You know's a funny thing. I guess it just proves that old adage that time flies 'cause it seems like yesterday we started our first skronking. As I said playing is a drug for us. We haven't really thought about however long we would be playing...playing is the drug for us so that's why I guess we're still doing it...we need more. Some things never change.

Have you ever had commercial pressure to modify your sound over the years?


No there's never been pressure on us coming from anyone anywhere to do anything about our sound. There's always been complete artistic freedom and we've enjoyed that very much.