By way of a heads-up, it's only right that we tell you how the fifth Susanne Sundfør long-player, Ten Love Songs, is one of those albums that will make winter 2015 a little bit warmer and altogether better for you. The UK has only seen one previous release from the Norwegian singer-songwriter (2012's The Silicone Veil) but the critical acclaim for that record, coupled with Sundfør's subsequent work with Röyksopp, have posited her as one of Scandinavia's most exciting exports - a reputation which Ten Love Songs should easily entrench.

The new album has some very quiet moments and, conversely, some loud moments too with the common denominator for all songs being Sundfør's beautiful and, at times, shrill voice, which underscores the whole endeavour with grace.

One of the less quiet moments on Ten Love Songs is first single, 'Fade Away', and today we premiere the new Maps remix of the track, which takes the original version and builds on its '80s pop feel. Sundfør previously remixed Maps' James Chapman's single 'AMA', so this seems like the perfect opportunity to return the favour.

'Fade Away' is out now and Ten Love Songs comes out on 16 February 2015 on Sonnet Sound via Kobalt.