Name: Cassettes Won't Listen (aka Jason Drake)

About us: I am a producer who recently relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles to work on my latest album, EVINSPACEY. I worked at Def Jux Records for 10 years and have released numerous projects under various names.  I'm a co-owner of Daylight Curfew, a bi-coastal artist collective focusing on instrumental music and art. 


Listening to: Lately it's been anything on Warp or Ghostly. Also, we just got Spotify here in the US so I've been trying to ingest as much as possible. Mostly going back to what I used to listen to in the mid 90's like Digable Planets, A Tribe Called Quest, and Black Sheep.


Reading: Wired magazine. I'm a huge tech fan and have followed Wired through it's journalistic ups and downs over the past decade. Also I'm glued to the internet all day so I'm constantly reading blogs such as Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Synthtopia, and Mashable. Anything that talks about tech/gadgets mixed with music and I'm probably on it all day.


Watching: The Colbert Report. TV is a time suck but I seem to make time for Comedy Central and The Colbert Report. I've always been a big Daily Show with John Stewart fan but I think Stephen Colbert has taken over in terms of comedic quality.  


Eating: Strawberry & basil scones that my girlfriend baked. Ginger snap cookies.


Anything Else: Keep your eyes on Daylight Curfew. Many things coming down the pipeline including the debut Dfalt record and many more CWL releases.