Name: Luke Joseph Fisher Barham

About Me: Recently turned 29 singer in the one day to be popular rock band Stagecoach. Lover of Wilco, Burrito’s, Comic Books, Joanna Newsom, Fulham FC, Star Wars, My So Called Life & Diana Vickers.

Listening To: I’ve not stopped listening to Time Travel by Alessi’s Ark since it came out. I really enjoyed the first record but it feels like she’s found her own voice with this one and can finally shake the tag of being called an English Joanna Newsom. It must be pretty hard getting compared to someone so great all the time by lazy journalists. I watched her twice at Dot to Dot this year and had a very nice time on both occasions. My other favourite records this year have been Hotel Shampoo by Gruff Rhys and Alex Turner’s Submarine soundtrack.

Reading: I don’t read many books but I do enjoy a good graphic novel or comic. The last I read was Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire which someone on the net had recommended to me. It’s a pretty bleak and bizarre story and the art is absolutely beautiful. Another recent purchase was the Wilson strip book by Daniel Clowes. All of his work has great humour and the art is out of this world. Our Tazers EP art was a take on his style. I think Mark Gamble did a fine job with such a tough brief.

Watching: I just watched Judd Apatow’s Freaks & Geeks for about the tenth time. It’s my favourite TV show ever made. Everything about it is perfect, it’s quite unbelievable that it got cancelled especially when you think of the talent involved and what they’ve all gone on to achieve. The casting, writing and directing are just spot on and the soundtracks amazing too. It got me in to The Grateful Dead which is no bad thing.

Playing: LA Noire on PS3 is quite stunning although I prefer real games to the video type so I’m gonna say Table Tennis. It’s just so addictive and simple, anyone can pick up a bat and get good after 20 minutes.

Eating: Breakfast at Fantasia café in Brixton. My man Mario always put’s on a good spread. I went to a Curry place called Hot Stuff in Vauxhall last night, it’s a bit of a speak easy type of affair. South London Curry fan’s are bound to know all about it. You go in and they reluctantly give you a menu and ask if you’d prefer the chef to select for you. They proceeded to bombard us with dish after dish of great stuff. I’d never tried a single dish they served me before and it was all so good.

Promo Info: The new Stagecoach single Jonah Lomu / Tony Hawk is out now via This Is Fake DIY Records (here).