Name: David Lehnberg

About me: I am one of the constant pieces in the always changing puzzle of The Deer Tracks. I'm located in a small town called Gävle in the Northern part of cold and dark Sweden. 

Listening to: I listen to all music that got a genuine vibe and a honest approach to it's own art. That is important. If it can't make me feel anything we don't have anything in common. 

Reading: Right now I'm reading a lot of book about religion and philosophy. But my fictional favourite author is Kafka. The surreal and creative style of putting words together totally blows me away every time. 

Watching: As little TV as possible. But love the movie 'The Fountain' and the TV-series 'LOST'.

Playing: Anything I can get my hands on. I love sounds and can work on one forever just to get the right resonating feeling of it. 

Eating: Vegetarian Sushi. 

Promo Info: We've just released our new album, the second part of a trilogy called, The Archer Trilogy. It's a 9 song album that will take you any and everywhere you allow your mind, body and soul to go. And remember: Love is the way - The only way!

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