Name: Euan James Hinshelwood

About me: Singer from younghusband

Listening to: I've been really into 50's/60's crooners and Motown the last week or so. Gene Pitney, The Righteous Brothers, The Walker brothers etc etc, Berry Gordy produced records. I love the orchestrations, the way the musicians play. It's really good heartache music. I think it's because i uncovered a box of 45's at a friends house that belonged to his mum - he didn't realise what was in it - and it was all that stuff.

It will rot your teeth if you have too much of it though. I will need something really sour, bitter and rank soon to keep it balanced.

Reading: Mary Wilson (from the Supremes) autobiography.

Watching: Just watched the Adam Curtis doc 'All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace' pt. 1, which was brilliant. And always lots of John Waters films.

Playing: Nothing! I just moved out of my house and all my things are locked up for a few days.

Eating: Turkish Delight

Promo Info: New single 'Carousel' released 27th June via Too Pure