Gunning For Tamar are a powerful four-piece from Oxford with a gripping live show and recorded output to match. We had the chance to talk to them about some of their favourite songs, all neatly packaged into a Spotify playlist you can listen to here:

Joe Wallis: Vocals, guitar

Million Dead - To Whom It May Concern

'I’m only working here because I need the fucking money”. Frank Turner, summing up the collective thought of a lot of musicians around the UK stuck in an office or pretty much any other dead end job so they can survive and be in a band. This song is all sorts of awesome and the lyrics hit all the right spots. Like every Million Dead song did, really.

Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone With You

Right now I can’t stop listening to ‘Seven Swans’ a lot again and this song and the complete beauty of its softness does strangely wonderful things to me. Can completely get lost in it.

Holy Fuck - Royal Gregory

Who doesn’t love Holy Fuck? This song just makes me want to dance and twist my body into shapes no mathematician could comprehend. They’re unbelievable live too, which is a double win.

Dan Pollard: Guitar, keys

Wintersleep - A Long Flight

I spent a good couple of weeks one Christmas listening to nothing but the untitled album by Wintersleep. This track in particular grabbed me and has never let go. It's got such a lush, warm feel it's almost cosy, which is a bit odd I guess seeing as it's clearly about DEATH!

Modeselektor & Thom Yorke – The White Flash

I love the use of Thom Yorke's voice in this track, it's quite a major influence on the way I treat vocals in remixes. Twisting them into weird, nonsensical phrases and placing the priority on melody and texture rather than what they're actually saying in a way you can't really do without the aid of technology. Mr Yorke's knack for singing a cliche and making it sound so hypnotic and comforting also adds hugely to the charm of this song.

  • Enfilade - At The Drive In
  • Bongo solo - Check.
  • Accordion breakdown - Check!
  • Iggy Pop on the phone -CHECK!!

D'Arcy King: Drums

Deftones - You've Seen The Butcher

It's huge, it's in swing time and it's incredibly cool.

Silverchair - Tuna In The Brine

Some would say over produced, but when it's done this well who cares! Van Dyke Parks full orchestral composition is beautiful.

The Mars Volta - Eriatarka

Ever had that feeling that your shins have melted and you feel like you are floating on top of a glass bowling ball?  No?  Never mind, anyway this track is brilliant on so many levels.

Ben Green: Bass

Clint Mansell - Welcome To Lunar Industries

This piece of music is taken from the soundtrack for 'Moon' and it never fails to make me a feel a little bit lost?! What I think I mean is that I can put this on anywhere, anytime and everything else just stops and doesn't exist for a short while.

Thrice - Beggars

The title track for Thrice's latest album is as strong as any other of their many well-written gems. This one in particular possesses such incredible atmospheric qualities that make it a personal favourite from the album.

As Tall As Lions - Ghost Of York

Roooaar! I was hoping that would do? Otherwise it's in the playlist because it's a song that oozes cheese but still makes me grin and say all sorts of stupid things, sometimes even out loud.