Classically trained, producing dreamlike aural soundscapes layered with traditional instruments, Noah recently teamed up with producer SELA to produce the split EP Noah x SELA - a departure from her usual sound, and his, being known for producing Tumblr teen rap stars rather than the classically-influenced thoughtfulness characteristic of Noah.

The 405 were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Noah about the new record.

SELA has produced some very different artists to you, Noah - were you apprehensive about how the collaboration could work?

I wasn't worried because he liked my tracks so much, which gave me confidence to do a split with him - I trusted him. It worked out really well. Besides, it's fun to do something new, and experiment with your sound.

How do you feel your classical training contributes to your work?

This is a difficult question, as it's not like I did it on purpose. But it feels 'right' to describe the romances in my mind with classical elements. It fits, for me. I guess it's something I just did unconsciously due to my training.

There's so much subtle layering in the EP - music boxes, synths, etc. How does this come about - how much of it is you and how much is SELA? Was the process very experimental or did you have an idea of what you wanted it to sound like?

Well, it's a split more than a collaboration. I made six songs by myself. This time, I started to make songs with more input (and great effect) from SELA, and coyote clean up. Afterwards, the songs kind of made themselves. I just added some twists to them, editing them slightly and giving my own touch to them. So it was collaborative, but we stayed true to our own visions.

What is your most significant influence?

Really abstract concepts - romantic things like night scenes such as a street where the lamps glimmered in the rain on the pavement, and how that made me feel. You can't pin that down.

How does the Japanese music scene differ from the UK?

I don't know much about the UK scene but there is lots of various and unique music in Japan. Japanese music is interesting, cool and sometimes kawaii. So I came here without much knowledge of the UK scene, but with the eclectic influence of Japan.

How did the collaboration come about? How did you first start making music?

One day, the Flau boss told me about SELA. I listened to it, and found it electrifying. I wanted to capture the elements that made it so good, such as mixing techniques, things I didn't have much knowledge of. In the end, I made a song called 'Sela' and sent it to SELA as a kind of greeting. I was a little apprehensive, but luckily he liked it, and we started to do a split. Actually the song which I sent him at first was 'DUNE', which is an opening track on the release. It got a bit confusing about who made the track, so we ended up changing the title in the end!

What are your plans for the next few months?

Right now I'm making a full album, and Flau will release it this month.

Has the experience made you keen to collaborate in the future?

This experience has been very positive so I think so, for sure. There are so many epic artists who I'd love to collaborate with. It's fun to bring our sounds together and create something new and beautiful.

You can find the Noah/Sela split here, and our assessment of it here.