The Music Edict is our shiny new e-pamphlet highlighting artists we can't get enough of. We'll be keeping up-to-date with what they're doing, discovering a bit more about what makes them tick, and delving behind the scenes of their releases... basically just going nuts, raving about who we're obsessing over. We're going to showcase fresh acts, and dig a bit deeper than just reporting the bare bones; we'll be getting to grips with these fantastic musicians who might otherwise get overlooked in amongst the ocean of hype-engorged superstars.

It's about us discovering music we love and championing unsung talent - we want to make sure that the good stuff gets heard by as many people as possible. One of the best things in life is finding a scarcely-known artist and shouting about them from the rooftops to everyone within earshot - this is us doing just that. Perhaps the best place to start with all this is probably by listening to our bespoke mix. That way, you can hear just why we're head over heels about these artists.

Alongside our choice picks, we'll be taking a good hard look at some upcoming releases we believe are worth focusing on a bit more, like we've recently done with Arctic Monkeys, The Weeknd and Danny Brown. This is about us at The 405 trying to understand fully what these musicians are trying to achieve or say with their labours of love, and not just taking a brisk glance at the surface. We want to discuss what they mean in the lyrics, how they achieve certain sounds, and who's involved in the creation of the final product. Rather than just taking it as-is, we want to tear apart these records and gaze upon the gooey, fleshy bits inside.

This feature will usually fall at the very beginning of the month, so expect November's instalment to be more substantial. We'll update this page as the month wears on and we have more articles to add, but for now, cast your peepers over who we reckon are some of the best things happening in the world of music this month...

  • Ibn Inglor

    Ibn Inglor

    Soundcloud / Facebook

    Ibn Inglor, the hotly-tipped Chi-town rapper, recently released his second mixtape New Wave, which managed to showcase his penchant for dark lyrical content, along with a brutal honesty that's sorely lacking in modern hip-hop. He may hate comparisons, but when the likes of Kanye are thrown about, how can you be that upset?

    - Listen to Ibn Inglor's new mixtape, New Wave, by heading here.
    - Read our interview with Ibn Inglor by heading here

  • Sunboy


    Soundcloud / Facebook

    Comprising a mere two members - Justin Renaud and Jordan Lempe - weave psychedelic synthpop for people who enjoy a spot of MGMT or Glass Animals. The track 'Anxious People' is particularly stellar; a creeping, caffeine-jitter menace rolls through the verses, but soaring '90s pop-rock wafts in during the chorus. Expect hazy things from the Colarado twosome.

    - Read our interview with Sunboy by heading here.

  • Ofelia


    Soundcloud / Twitter

    The more female half of LA-based London Grammar-apers Wanderhouse (who are pretty damn good in themselves), monikered Ofelia, is embarking on an apparent solo jaunt alongside her collaborative work with producer Doctor Rosen Rosen. On the only cut posted to her Soundcloud so far, she lets a breezy, alt. country-folk fly from her soul. The guitar is deliciously off-kilter.

    - Read our interview with Ofelia by heading here.

  • Yellerkin


    Soundcloud / Facebook

    Brooklyn-based dream-folk outfit Yellerkin, formed from Luca Bucceletti and Adrian Galvin, state simply during their Facebook manifesto that "We yell for tears and we yell for blood. We yell for love and we yell when it fades." They've clearly got some sort of plan with this project, and given the calibre of their woozy, tribal track 'Solar Laws', we hope it goes very far indeed.

    - Read our interview with Yellerkin by heading here.

  • Wet


    Soundcloud / Facebook

    The NYC Neon Gold newcomers are set to unleash their sparse xx-esque/PBR&B debut EP very soon indeed. Having supported MS MR, they've already garnered so well-deserved steam for an alluring concoction of lithe beats, CHVRCHES-sweet vox and primal hooks. Fans of Banks will probably enjoy this trio.

    - Listen to 'Don't Wanna Be Your Girl' by heading here
    - Read our interview with Wet by heading here.

  • Kelela


    Soundcloud / Facebook

    LA-based singer Kelela Mizanekristos teams up with Night Slugs/Fade to Mind's producers to craft the avant-garde R&B sound that will send a chill down your spine. Her debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, flirts liberally with grime and techno while still fidgeting within the realm of traditional R&B. The results here are both menacing and enticing. It's Kelis, Cassie (RockaByeBaby era), Aliyah, AlunaGeorge all rolled into one - with a whiff of James Blake on top.

    - Download Kelela's stunning new mixtape, Cut 4 Me, by heading here.
    - Listen to 'Go All Night' here

  • Perera Elsewhere

    Perera Elsewhere

    Soundcloud / Twitter

    Perera Elsewhere recentely released the fantastic Bizarre EP through FoF Records, which also works with artists such as Shlohmo and Kyson. Operating from a fairly ethereal perspective, Perera Elsewhere's subtle and humble sound has gathered enough attention recently thanks to remixes from the previously mentioned Kyson and her new single 'Giddy', which features none other than Gonjasufi.

    - Listen to 'Bizarre' by heading here.
    - Listen to 'Giddy' (feat. Gonjasufi) by heading here.

  • Lizzo


    Soundcloud / Facebook

    Born and raised in Detroit in the late 80s, new kid on the block Lizzo merges quick 'n' quirky rhymes with Minneapolis producer Lazerbeak's soulful beats. Having previously played in R&B girl groups (I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S, Cornrow Clique), progressive rock bands (Elypseas) and electro-pop duos (Lizzo & The Larva Ink), it seems like she's found her niche with this latest rap venture, which splices her eclectic inspirations to fruitful results.

    - Watch the video for 'Batches and Cookies' by heading here.

  • Mapei


    Soundcloud / Facebook

    Merging the club influences from her hometown Stockholm with soulful, gospel vocals - Mapei thinks less about genres and more about infectious music with ecstatic vibes. Signed to Downtown Records (Mos Def, Santigold, Justice) she's ready to burst onto the scene with her diverse, smile-inducing tunes. Interestingly, Mapei is also the name given to the 'world's largest producer of adhesive'. Don’t worry, I'm not going to make any jokes about how they’re both going to stick with you. Ahem.

  • Blood Cultures

    Blood Cultures

    Soundcloud / Bandcamp

    Blood Cultures recently revealed his new song 'Indian Summer' - setting indie blogs ablaze with hype. The dreamy, chill synths combined with his light, flowy voice makes the song incredibly easy to love. If you're not familiar with him, it's because no one else really is either - this is his first track, and he doesn't even have a Facebook or Twitter page. Don't let his lack of internet presence sway you, though - fans of Jai Paul or Stockholm's Iamiamwhoami will definitely his breezy synth pop sound.

    - 5 reasons why you'll love Blood Cultures.

    • Kwes


      ilp. - [October 14th]

      Kwes is a London based producer that specialises in some of the most heart-warming and honest electronic music around at the moment. His Meantime EP was released through the now-legendary Warp and gained a fair amount of attention, with lead-single 'Bashful' increasing the size of his fanbase almost entirely by itself. His debut album ilp. features new single, '36'.

      - Listen to '36' by heading here.
      - Watch the video for '36' by heading here.
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    • Ryan Hemsworth

      Ryan Hemsworth

      Guilt Trips - [October 21st]

      Ryan Hemsworth is beginning to really make a name for himself. The Canadian producer, who specialises in subtly trap-influenced instrumental hip-hop (and killer remixes), is to release Guilt Trips on October 22 as the follow-up to his 2011 album Distorted. Guilt Trips will be released through Last Gang, which also houses artists such as fellow Canadians Crystal Castles and Death from Above 1979.

    • CFCF


      Outside - [October 22nd]

      Oh Montreal! The purveyor of Arcade Fire, Chromeo and Michael Silver. The Canadian producer's project CFCF gained formidable traction from last year's Exercises EP, that stretched classical instrumentals through eight rather minimalist tracks. Not quite content to let his latest EP Music For Objects marinate with the listeners; October 22nd now marks the release of his full length album, Outside, via Paper Bag Records. This emerging force in the new-age electronic industry mashes through the line of contemporary composers, and exposes Silver's vocal range by bringing it to the fore - lathering it with smooth-synths.

    • Son Lux

      Son Lux

      Lanterns - [October 29th]

      Ryan Lott has gained notoriety for both his s/s/s project with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti and the music he wields through Son Lux. This multi-instrumentalist heaves through interwoven layers and starkly juxtaposing arrangements by tickling the cusp of old-world music composition with propulsive experimentation. Equal parts producer and composer, his third full-length album, Lanterns, is armoured with a boastful bunch of instrumentalists and singers: The Antlers Peter Silberman, Chris Thile from The Punch Brothers and composers from yMusic.

      - Read our interview with Son Lux by heading here.
      - Listen to 'Lost To Trying It' here.

    • MellowHigh


      MellowHigh - [October 31st]

      Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, and Domo Genesis, better known as MellowHigh (or from their work with Odd Future) have kept quiet for some time now, but they've finally revealed that they'll be releasing their debut self-titled album on Halloween, October 31st. They dropped the grimey 'Troublesome 2013' earlier this year on every stoners favourite holiday of 4/20. Seems they've got a penchant for holidays, haven't they?

      - Listen to a preview of 'Yu' by heading here.