(suggested songs to listen to while reading: Pink Floyd, 'Money'; Barrett Strong, 'Money (That's What I Want)'; Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (O.M.D), 'Enola Gay')

If Tolkien was writing this, or a metal-lyricist, or New Zealand CGI FX filmmakers, the United States would be half-under a dark cloud, the bleak kingdom of Boston (headquarters for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney) belching out a negative blizzard of grey smoke.

You can feel something sort of like this happening, a massing of a minority (in the sense of population) but a majority (in the sense of having a majority of the money). For all the dodgy corduroy-denim-patch wearing professors going on about economics, there is really nothing more simple than this; some people have a lot of money, most people don't. Think it wrong, right, or are indifferent to this, fatalistic about it, whatever, it's true. And, to kinda quote the philosopher Seinfield, "not that there's anything wrong with it," money, that is. I myself, like it, very much. It does tend to tip the scales of things though. It is the elephant dung in the room.

Interesting Note One: Obama had more money in the last election than John McCain (who lost).

Why that was, well there's a few theories, 1) the internet -- apparently hundreds of people are using it every day -- and Obama had lots of little donors , 2) Obama seemed like a winner and the powerful were picking the fast horse and, 3) the whole effing world was crashing around them and the dollared wanted to mollify this rollicking beast until they could get situated again. I really don't know (but it was probably three).

Interesting Note Two: Romney is going to have more money in this election than Obama.

Why … is the sky blue?

Capital is all around, it is the air and the gasp for it, (even setting up a Donkey Show in a Mexican border town requires it), we need it, we want it, and we can do things with it if we get it or, it can do things for us if we attach on to it. It is powerful, duh. Like any power though, whether it's the tugging crying infant, the thug, the bureaucrat who needs to approve a form, a protest movement, a labor job action, a boss, a lover, a parent, a teacher, capital can do things sometimes just because it can and wants to, not even necessarily with its own best interest at heart -- just its powerful torque forward twisting itself into the ether for the sake of just that, its power. In other words: acting out.

At the moment there seems to be a tidal wave tantrum of capital -- all on the side of Romney --heading, flushing, fulsome towards the shores of Obama's America.

to be continued...


Mike Tyler is a celebrated post-beat poet who has been covered over the years everywhere from The Times to Wired. He is releasing his debut UK album, Erection, on August 20th via The Art Can Not Be Damaged.

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