What would make your Apocalyptic Soundtrack?

Low - 'Point of Disgust'

'Point of Disgust' by Low is the moment you get out of your underground bunker, surface, and see that everything has turned to ash. You find a dog-collar in the ground, and it reads 'Snoopy'. You never had a dog called 'Snoopy', and there's no reason why out of everything around you the only thing to remain intact is a dog collar, but it doesn't matter, you burst into tears anyway.

This would be my apocalypse song, because I would no doubt spend my post-apocalyptic time going from place to place, breaking down and crying at anything even remotely sad. I'd be an emotional wreck. You know those people who rise to the occasion? They start off as an unlikely hero, then win around their fellow travellers, ending up as the de facto leader of their own bunch of mismatched misfits? Yeah, I wouldn't be that person at all. I'd be the guy sobbing over a scorched copy of Hamlet, and invariably end up starving to death because of it.