A week ago, when rising Canadian singer The Weeknd debuted 'Belong To The World', some found the track's beat had a very curious similarity to that of Portishead's 'Machine Gun'. Not that Portishead haven't been previously sampled, but the ire came from the band's figurehead Geoff Barrow, who noted that there was no permission given to do so.

Barrow noted this on Twitter, first responding with:

Fans of The Weeknd began to lash out at Barrow, suggesting he should be proud of his track being sampled, regardless of whether or not permission had technically was given. Some, of course, tended to be more crude. Barrow retweeted some of the more curious ones on his Twitter page, which are still available to see.

Since then, it has appeared that Barrow has been contacted on the legal stipulation of the matter, and that despite the similarities, he isn't owed any royalties. Just kudos for inspiration.

The Weeknd's next album Kiss Land is due out later this year. For a refresher, check out 'Belong To The World' below.