I don't know why, I guess it's just because this is supposed to be or rather actually IS from the Fifty Shades of Grey film, but all I can picture as I listen to this song is authoritarian lovemaking and sado-masochist stuff. And I don't know if I'm immature or what but it's like, too much to handle, I feel like uttering a little nervous laughter or I dunno doing something stupid to lighten the SERIOUS NATURE of this song. The fact that it's called 'Earned It' is also very, um, telling.

Those strings are very authoritarian, very regimented and strict aren't they? Like it's so overtly trying to mimic the dominating love prevalent in the tatty erotica of the books, in an otherwise very-The Weeknd, very R&B track with lilting soulful vocals. I cannot picture anything else other than this film. So instead I was gong to try and compare it with some other similar film, so I thought ah yes, Secretary. So I looked it up and I saw that the main guy is called E. Edward Grey, a bit like Christian Grey isn't it? I guess it's supposed to be nod.

Sorry but I can't think of anything else other than awkward bondage scenes, laughable daddy-daughter dynamics, so just listen to the track. I'm kind of lol-ing as I type so I'll stop now. And if I weren't laughing I'd be crying because, you know, glorifying relationships like this can't be a good thing. Doesn't matter if it's "sexy" or whatever, because honestly what different people find "sexy" I'm sure would freak a lot of people out, or actually disgust people. Sexy is subjective, so presenting this stupid sexy violence as something appealing to ALL is completely dumb. So yeah, I'd rather laugh about it than get annoyed. Ha ha HAAAAA. Ha. Ha.

Download it here if you really, really want to.

Oh yeah, Beyoncé also released something for the film: a new version of 'Crazy In Love'.