Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Ashleigh Ashley to Bry, she's got your back. Let us know what you think about her selection in the comments section below.

Bry - 'Night Flights'

Bry's first single 'Night Flights' brings that anxious, yet somehow calming sound. "You know you're going down when you do anything to feel alive" borders on social analysis rather than just another alt-pop song lyric. I've found BRY speaking to me on another level. Go and do something that makes you feel alive today.

Gunakadeit - 'South'

Gunakadeit, khm, goo-na-ka-date (named after a sea monster in Tlingt mythology) is a project by San Diego's Natasha Kozaily. She finds 'romance in dystopia'. She's also found a sound of her own, which she labels as alternative pop. It sounds so experimental as folk pop can be, but you can't really put your finger on what makes it stand out. She's done what it takes to make us remember her name, though.

J. Tropic - 'Love Up'

This fresh producer is creating plenty of buzz in the UK. The Night IV, Manou & IYES' label Duly Noted Records have offered up a base for another enigmatic producer, and this mysterious Brighton-based artist doesn't disappoint. J. Tropic has delivered a swirling first single, with '90s dance floor beats, nostalgic synths and lovely unknown female vocals layered on top of a Jessie Ware'esque chorus. Let me make some sangria, babe!

Montaigne - 'I'm A Fantastic Wreck'

18-year-old Australian Jessica Cerro seems to be inspired by the famous 16th century essayist, as she states what "Michel de Montaigne is to renaissance philosophy, this Montaigne is to music." She's searching for a deeper, more meaningful sound, and what she's decided to show us is brilliant. 'I'm A Fantastic Wreck' features raw samples and theatrical drums, with a chorus rising to a peak of orchestral beauty as she sings: "Would you love me, would you love me?" Beautiful.

MoParker - 'Fold'

'Fold' is the first taste from MoParker's forthcoming EP, featuring production from Domzilla (LuLu James & Wu Tang). The production seems deliberately clear and minimalist to give MoParker's gorgeous vocals room to express themselves.


Tatiana Kochkareva, performing under her TATI ANA moniker, has started to get all the blogs excited. With her Tati Ana EP released back in January, she's now back with a dark alt pop rock track 'MRI'. Repetitive synths and drums collide with mellow sounds and Tati Ana's soulful voice. Her sound is rough, yet heartfelt. Is that possible? She's sick and I love it.

TIAAN - 'Be Ok'

Sampled, beat-making backing vocals creep through 'Be Ok', with the Aussie-born singer's soft lead layered on top - resulting in a hella catchy chorus with tribal-like howlings. With her debut EP in the making, she's showing us the sound she found whilst travelling to Indonesia and Sweden - penning 'Be Ok' whilst living in Bali. Powerful!

Tony Blaize - 'Love & Purpose'

This London newcomer describes his vibes as 'Power Soul' - which roughly translates to afrobeat, soul, R&B & hip-hop. With his debut album on the way, and collaborations with the likes of Chase and Status announced, he decided to bridge the gap by unveiling a two-track mini EP called Love & Purpose. Listen above.

Ashleigh Ashley - 'Back To Me'

The lead single from this young UK songstress' forthcoming EP Criminal Angel brings a dash of nostalgia. London's young Ashleigh Ashley "has created an eclectic identity for her music while staying true to her roots." She claims she brings "a 21st century update of classic Big Band sounds," but I'd say she's far deeper into it than that. Produced by Riffioso, 'Back To Me' brings that chill sound heat up by Ashleigh Ashley's vocals.

Bang Bang Bang - 'Shake Shake Shimmy'

West London's Natalie Chahal and her musical project Bang Bang Bang is all about combining 60s, grunge and electro pop sounds. Signing to Luv Luv Luv, 'Shake Shake Shimmy' signals the arrival of a new alt-pop princess in town - mashing up Icona Pop's playfulness, Lana del Rey's melancholia and Charlie XCX's Tumblr-esque style.