Tamara Saul introduces you to 10 new artists you should be checking out this week. All of them are great, obviously. Let us know you like from her selection in the comments section.

Allie X - 'Catch'

Pop has never sounded, looked and felt fresher and more authentic. Perfect debuts are hard to find and even harder to follow up successfully, but I'm sure this Toronto girl's got it all covered. It feels as if she's already pretty established, but with a totally new point of view. If Neon Gold Records are talking about you, then you're on the right path.

GhostChant - 'Sincerity' ft. Låpsley

GhostChant aka Joe Cornwell, is an upcoming producer based in Liverpool/London, receiving radio play from BBC Radio1, BBC 6 Music, Rinse FM and KCRW. He's inspired by Bonobo, Burial and MJ Cole and yes, it sounds like it too. Add Låpsley to the equation, and you've got an artist that requires attention. He's currently working on his debut album Sincerity, which should be released this spring. This is atmospheric, downbeat and it just got a yes.

Julia Spada - 'Reptile Mission'

How do reptiles usually make you feel? Just click play and you'll be in alt-pop dreamland. When Swedish P3 names someone 'Number 1 Breakthrough Artist for 2014', you know it's real. 'Subtle, subtle, subtle, so subtle', yet so catchy, man. She's been around for a while now, but this feels like she decided to step her game up. Keep an eye out for Julia!

Kate Miller - 'Collar Up'

While 'Collar Up' sounds like a not-so-good solution fashion-wise, from a musical point of view, Kate's got something fresh going on. Following 'Black Rivers', she's back with another catchy, cold and dark feeling single that you'll end up playing on repeat until you remember there's other music on the planet. She is a mysterious 19-year-old from London and I can't wait for more.

Kenzie May - 'Skeleton Key'

When there's neon lights, purple water, haziness, laundromats, candy colours and good R&B involved, I'm all up for it. This Boston born, London-based artist brings us that well known feeling of hearing a good song for the very first time. She recently announced 'Skeleton Key' would be featured on a release later this year. Bring it on Kenzie.

Max Marshall - 'Your Love Is Like'

The young UK songstress looks and sounds like the '90s met the '00s on the subway and yes, she's already been discovered by BBC and The Guardian. To no surprise, she's also performing at this year's Great Escape festival. Max's low notes feel like that coffee you had in the morning, but with a real summer jam feel. Get ready for some sugar coated summer R&B.

Mister Bibal - 'Glitch Hop Anthem'

Now Mister Bibal's something. Cameroon-raised, Paris-based Samuel Ludwig Salla was first introduced to wider audiences when Les Twins competed in the semi finals of Juste Debout 2011 to his 'MicroOsc' track. He's taken on a different direction now, but 'Glitch Hop Anthem' is a must listen. You'd feel terrible missing out on this. Real headbanger.

PLOY - 'Talk'

PLOY deliver some seriously good music wrapped up in electro synths, tropical beats and simple, yet inviting vocals. Gil Wojcik and Justin Victoria from Maryland have picked PLOY as their shared moniker, and while we don't know what it stands for, we're quite taken by this sexy track.

SLK - 'Be' (prod. Embody)

I'm always up for some raw and fresh talent; catchy music straight from artist's soul. This is what SLK's 'Be' embodies (get it?). Lame jokes aside, SLK is just what you need - an artist with attitude, combining her mellow voice with samples and raw electro beats. Plus, if you're all that and on top of it, team Biggie, (like SLK quoting "It was all a dream" on her site), then I'm all yours.

Sonder - 'Chrysalis' (feat. Krissy Twigge)

What I love the most about new artists is how they describe their own music. Sonder, aka Ashton Fox, aka music wonder child (violin, piano and guitar), says he's making music that "fits on a dance floor but can also accompany a late-night bus ride home." Up for some house with trip-hop vibes and yummy vocals by Krissy Twigge? This South African born, London-based artist is firmly on my radar. Hello there.