Tom Vek has revealed details of his upcoming third solo album in an interview with Dazed. The album, titled Luck, is out on June 8th via Moshi Moshi Records and it sounds like it was born from a interesting creative process. A process that Vek discusses in the interview; "with this [album] I'm not sure I have a vision, but a character... a bratty smart-ass".

While it isn't streaming anywhere (yet) album track 'Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)' is already available to buy on iTunes. See Luck's full tracklisting below, and head here to buy tickets to his London show at XOYO on June 11th.

  • 1. How Am I Meant To Know
  • 2. Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)
  • 3. Broke
  • 4. Pushing Your Luck
  • 5. Ton of Bricks
  • 6. Trying to do Better
  • 7. The Girl You Wouldn’t Leave For…
  • 8. A Mistake
  • 9. You'll Stay
  • 10. The Tongue Avoids the Teeth
  • 11. Let’s Pray

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