This week's top videos come from Erika Spring, Serengeti, Justice, Purity Ring and Peaking Lights. Another strong week full of high, and low, budget productions. It's always difficult picking a favourite video, but Justice really did raise the bar with their latest one.

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Erika Spring - 'Hidden'

"I wanted to create something very simple and pared down and shoot it in my studio. So I approached her with the concept of an attic as a memory box and the couple entering and exiting this "attic" in different ways. I wanted to play with rocks, water, smoke and air as simple, elemental metaphors evoking the need to go back to the beginning when things felt so much more simple." Celia Rowlson-Hall

Serengeti - 'Amnesia'

Justice - 'New Lands'

Purity Ring - 'Fineshrine'

Peaking Lights - 'Beautiful Son'