This week's top videos come from Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, Bob Dylan, Julia Holter and Bondax. Expect skeletons, striking Americana, swimsuits, violence and weird imagery. What more could you ask for on a Sunday?

We also spoke to Timothy Saccenti who put together that incredible Yeasayer video, and Gregory Kohn about his stunning video for 'End of the Line' by Sleigh Bells.

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Yeasayer - 'Longevity'

The idea for the 'Longevity' video for Yeasayer was sparked by singer/songwriter Chris Keatings concept of the lyrics, the idea of a life force running low and the poetic decay that comes with with that. The band has a keen understanding and love of cinema, they are nearly an 'art' project more than strictly a musical group in that manner. This mutual appreciation led to numerous discussions of the best way to express these ideas, with both of us inspired to film a homage to Symphathy for the Devil, the Rolling Stones film from Goddard, with a twist, our hero decaying as the recording process transpired. With a suitable location [a church converted into a recording studio], live audio recording, and an overall documentary vibe to the process, we recreated the bands energy in the studio on this location. We decided on a combination technique of heavy VFX makeup with focused post production work to maintain an air of authenticity, eschewing any particular 'gotcha' shots and letting the process slowly play out to the viewer. The aging and decay happening slowly at first, unnoticed, until it is inevitably too late. Timothy Saccenti (

Sleigh Bells - 'End of the Line'

The video for 'End of the Line' came about in a pretty funny way, at least from my perspective. I had just been fired from my job on the same day that I flew to my friend's wedding in Carolina. Derek, with whom I had previously collaborated on the 'Comeback Kid' video, was also going to the wedding. When I saw him at the welcome dinner, I immediately, and somewhat pryingly, asked him what Sleigh Bells was doing for their next video. He didn't even pause before asking "why, what's up, are you busy?" By the time our friend was married, both 'Demons' and 'End of the Line' had been conceptualized between us and Alexis, as well as fully financed.

My crew of Chris Mosson (Director of Photography) and Noah Chamis met the band on tour in Nebraska and filmed both videos simultaneously over the next ten days in five different states. We filmed 'EOTL' during the day and then hustled back to the band's performance to film 'Demons'. It was exhausting and exuberant at the same time. For 'EOTL', Derek wanted to make something that would fit the melancholic nature of the song by using abstract yet striking imagery in America's heartland. We aimed for less story and more tone. The biggest challenge was to incorporate a Malickian look and feel but still remain true to the band's own well-crafted style. From there, Derek, Alexis, the crew, and I just started filming and let the video grow from there. It was a very collaborative, organic and spontaneous shoot and I think that resonates in the final video. Gregory Kohn (

Bondax - 'Baby I Got That'

Bob Dylan - 'Duquesne Whistle'

Julia Holter - 'Goddess Eyes I'